How to Write Family Function Leave Letter

Draft the leave letter

Drafting the letter is not mandatory but it can be very useful, especially if it’s your first time writing one like this. Get a pen and a piece of paper and jot down points, highlighting the important parts of the letter, the reason, the dates, your replacement etc.

Compose your leave letter

After having drafted your letter, compose it on a computer. Like all other leave letters, a family function leave letter should also be typewritten and not handwritten. Handwritten letters are informal and not appropriate for professional matters.

Header your letter appropriately

It is important to header the letter properly, clearly mentioning your and the receiver’s name, designation and contact information. Also date your letter properly to facilitate record-keeping.

Keep the tone of your letter formal

The most important thing to consider when writing an official letter is to make sure the tone of the letter is formal. Use professional language and formal salutations, like Dr, Mr, Miss, Mrs, followed by the surname of your boss or manager.

Write it briefly but clearly

Make sure your leave letter is brief and clear, stating in concise terms the number of days you need to take off from work to attend a family function. Mention the exact dates and days you will be gone and when you intend to report back to work.

Refer to the leave policies of your organization

Different organisations have different leave policies in place that the employees are required to follow. Hence, it is very important to refer to the leave policy of your company before sending out your family function leave letter. You may also have to fill out a generic leave application form.

State the status of your pending work and name your replacement if required

It is a good idea to share the details and status of the projects you have been recently working on. If there is some pending work, name your teammate, who will cover for you during your absence.

Provide your contact information

Provide your contact information, your phone number and email address, and ask the management not to hesitate to contact you during the leave.

Conclude with Complementary gestures

Conclude your family function leave letter with complementary gestures like “thanking in anticipation”, and a formal closing salutation like “Yours Faithfully”.

Tips and warnings:

– Thoroughly check your letter for typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before sending it for approval.

See the Sample of Family Function Leave Letter

Written by Julie Collins


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