How to Take Care of Fingernails

Beautiful fingernails

Almost every woman intends to have beautiful skin and nails due to envy they use best makeup to highlight the features, however all these beauty treatments are valid, but why you do all this when the same can be achieved in much more simple way. Here, how to care for your fingernails.

Before applying a gel or nail design, you need to follow a few steps, file and trimming cuticles and dead skin or any other impurities, this will help to your hands look clean and perfect.

In order to achieve more soft and healthy hands and nails a beauty in which you can see after finishing the whole process it is advisable to perform a hand massage with a good moisturizer, which will also help keep your skin in good condition to withstand the ravages of climate.

Choosing a good glaze is the basis for eventually nails glossy, with either paraffin, gel or glitter, it is recommended that the polish lasts as long as possible because it will be much higher quality; You can also play with colors and designs create drawings of fantasy to give it a more original style to your nails.

Do not forget to use those enamels plus vitamins and hardening properties, if your nails are brittle. When doing housework remember to protect your hands with gloves, thus they feel less the impact of the work.

During the summer remember to use sunscreen on your hands to protect them from UV rays. Food is also essential to take care of your nails and hands always look a perfect.

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