Sample of an Agreement Letter for selling a car

Sample of an Agreement Letter for selling a car

What is an Agreement Letter for selling a car?

Agreement letters for car sales are usually of a contractual nature. Such letters are to be perused by future buyers, tax authorities and current car owners. Agreement letters are important largely due to the fact that they deliver legitimacy to a transaction. Hence, it is vital for any agreement letter to adopt a serious tone; words of choice should be formal and command a business tone.

First and foremost, the agreement letter should declare who is selling the car to whom. Sometimes, it may be such that the buyer wishes to keep anonymous so a generic title will do just as well. Secondly, the letter should accurately describe the details of the car. Chassis number, make and model and all engine descriptions should be comprehensively stated. Next, outline the price and date of purchase as well as date of transfer if the two are separate. Details in this part should include inclusion of taxes, impairments and other technical items such as terms of payments. It is best to consult a professional if you would be writing such an in-depth letter. Your letter should also contain details about the car.

There are several themes to be considered while writing an agreement letter. The letter should communicate your intent to sell very clearly. Write the letter keeping in mind that the audience is the authorities and future buyers of the vehicle. Your letter should also contain business terms and a formal tone – contractions, slangs and grammatical mistakes are an absolute no-no.

#1 Sample of an Agreement Letter for selling a car

10th July 2012

This letter will authorize the sale agreement regarding the vehicle with VIN Number xxxxxxx, between the Mr Isaac Thomas (Seller) and Mr. James Rhodes (Buyer). The agreement, with the following details, is acknowledged by both parties and their witnesses.

Car Model: Mercedes Benz C-Class Kompressor
Make Year:  March 2009
Owner: First Owner
Color: Metallic Grey
Other Specifications: Leather interior, CD Player, Air Bags, Climate Control, Original Rims.

The seller further states that the vehicle mileage reading stands at 67,900 Km to the best of his knowledge, with the odometer being in its original state.

The buyer also agrees that seller is not responsible for any problem which may arise after the purchase of the vehicle. The CD player is dysfunctional at the moment and any repairs will be made by the buyer himself. However, the seller has installed the original factory player and will be required to provide the buyer with the original car documentation.

Seller Name                                                                                            Date

Buyer Name                                                                                            Date

Witness Name                                                                                        Date

Car Selling Agreement Letter


NAME: ——


NIC Number:


NAME: ——


NIC Number: 


MAKE:  ——


YEAR: ——


MILEAGE (At Date of Sale): ——



I hereby acknowledge the sale and delivery of the above mentioned vehicle to (Buyer’s name), which is sold at (price of the car).  The original documents for the vehicle are in the possession of (again Buyer’s name), while I have kept a copy of the car title for my own personal record.

The car is sold “AS IS,” where the seller is the not responsible for any repairs or damages after the agreement has been signed.

Buyer’s Signature:                                                                                           Seller’s Signature:

Date:                                                                                                                     Date:

#2 Sample of an Agreement Letter for selling a car

To Whom It May Concern,

It is to state that I, XYZ of Cityville (s/o or d/o) (insert your father name) ID card holder #7898998776 (insert identity card number), transfer the ownership of my car, ABC, to Mr. GFH (s/o or d/o) (insert buyer’s father name) ID card holder #9898899876 (insert identity card number).

The car specifications are as follows:

  • Make: Toyota Generico,
  • Model: 1995,
  • Chassis no.: 32144124ABBG3341,
  • Color: Black,
  • Registration no.: NY 6754 ZE
  • Engine Capacity: 1000CC

It is to be remembered that the said item is being transferred with full knowledge and consent of both the parties at a rate agreed upon voluntarily and after free deliberations. The item has been transferred at a price of 650000, the amount being payable in ten monthly installments with a flat 10% of the price to be paid at the end of 10 months to complete the transfer of ownership. The date of purchase is 19/3/2013 and the transfer date as set out by the contract is 15/1/2014. All interest amounts become due 5 days prior to that date. (insert or remove this line based on the terms of payment)

The item being transferred is free of impairments to the best of my knowledge. Additional accessories being transferred include an extra pair of tires, a wheel jack and 4 alloy rims. Minor impairments are known to the buyer and all agreements are made with the full knowledge and understanding of both parties.



  • The letter is also called Bill of Sale.
  • Since this is a formal transaction, the agreement should be typed and copies should be kept by all parties.
  • Make sure that you include all necessary details related to the vehicle. Review the document after you have written it.
  • This document must be formally signed by both parties and their witnesses.
  • The above letters may be used as templates. However, adjust them according to your own situation.

Written by Julie Collins


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