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Making Stars Out of Paper at Home for Christmas Decorations

Making Stars Out of Paper at Home for Christmas Decorations

Christmas is about to arrive and you’re searching for new ideas to decorate your house, is it? Well one of the most significant symbol among Christmas ornaments is stars. Although there are several types of stars available, which you can buy to decorate your house or Christmas tree, however with this article you will be able to learn how to make stars out of paper at home for Christmas decorations.

1. Take a piece of shining gift-wrapping paper.Golden glowing paper

2. Take a pencil and draw a rectangle, make it big in size depending over the required size of the star.drawing rectangle

3.  Fold one end of the paper as shown in the picture below.folding end of the paper

4. Follow folding it as of the same size of the first fold, you need to make 12 ply of the paper, as shown in the image.12 ply fold

5. Once you’ve folded the paper to 12 ply it will become only one strip.single strip of gold paper

6. Now fold the strip from the half to make it double so that the center of it should be visible.double fold

7. Now turn it to see the center-line appeared on it.making christmas stars for tree

8. Take a stapler and staple it in the center horizontally.folding the paper star

9. Take a pencil and draw two curves at both ends and two small diagonally lines near the center of the strip.cut the paper diagonally

10. Cut the marks you made with scissors.cut the paper again

11. Stretch the paper from both ends forming the shape of a hand fan.paper hand fans

12.  Now unite the both ends from the backside by sticking tape on it.paper fan backside

13. If you wish to hang it with your Christmas tree, make a hole with the help of a needle at one end of the star to pass the string from it.Making Stars Out of Paper at Home for Christmas Decorations

Things Required:

  • Shiny gift paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • needle or pin & string

Written by Sheri


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