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Making your own Christmas Party Costume

Making your own Christmas Party Costume

Making a costume for Christmas is not an easy task unless you don’t have really excellent stitching skills. A costume can be used at the festive period for a number of reasons e.g. attending a party that has a theme of Christmas or performing in a play that is related to the Christmas concept. If you are in a mood of making your very own Christmas costume for any purpose on the grand event, these tips will help you in making a custom Christmas costume.

Pick the exact type which you’re intending to make for yourself. Some of the common types are Elves, the Reindeer, the Snowmen, the Snowflakes, the Christmas tree, the Christmas Ornaments, the Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, The Angels, the Candy Canes and even Christmas Presents.

Once you’ve selected the type of costume you wish to make get a high resolution image of it to find out the exact details of the costume such as color of the shirt, hat, ribbons, shoes, trousers etc.
List down all the required things before you go out to shop for them so you shall not miss out anything.
Before you start the cutting process of the cloth take exact measurements of the person for whom you’re making the costume.

Make sure you use warm clothes for making the costume if it has to be worn in winters similarly for summers use respective type of cloth.

Once you’re done with stitching get the person for whom you made it to try the costume before the event to make sure that it fits perfectly.

However, if you wish to go with an easy one you can take a large box or cardboard with no bottom and paint it according to your desire, once the paint dries its ready to be worn. Use some additional things with it such as Elves hat, or a hair band with some reindeer on it or with snowflakes, may be a hat which looks like a small Christmas tree with some ornaments hanged on it will surely makes your costumes look way better.

Hope the above mentioned tips will help in case if you have any further tips which you wish to share feel free to share it with us and others through comments below.

Written by Julie Collins


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