5 Interesting Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Tires for Home Décor

We have all had the situation where we try to clean out our garage and the biggest nuisance that we face is the old, dusty tires that are home to mosquito and tons of other insects. There isn’t much use for old tires and all you could do is to give them to a mob that intends to protest against the government. Lately, burning the tires has become a symbol of protest, and so the tires have finally found a use. However, being the responsible citizens that we are, we will suggest other uses for old tires that don’t harm the environment;

Cycle Stand; the simplest use for old tires, you don’t need to invest too much of your time or creativity in producing these masterpieces. All you need to do is cut each tire in half and then line them up as shown in the picture and there you have your own cycle stand.

Cycle Stand made with recyled tyres

Planter/Flower Pot; another attractive use for the old tires. All you need to do is cut open the tires on the inner side of the tube (see image to get a better idea). Then, paint according to whichever color pleases your aesthetic sense. Next, fill up your ‘pot’ with mud and plant your flowers.

Flower Pot made with recyled tyres

Tube Seat; We have all been to parks where a tires was attached to the pole and it served as a nice little swing that brought us so much joy. This idea has its root in the same concept. Instead of attaching a dusty black tire to a pole for the children, what you could do instead is cover the tire with ribbons or cloth. Choose a color that goes well with the color scheme of the room you intend to place the tube seat in. Once you have covered it, place a cushion or a ball of cotton wedged between the hollow spaces in the tire. There you have it – a nice little tire seat for you to rest upon.

Tube Seat made with recyled tyres

Sand Box; for this idea to achieve practicality, you need a rather large tire. Perhaps a truck tire ought to do the trick. First, paint the tire so that it is attractive to the kids and also looks good in your garden. After all, a huge black truck tire full of sand is not a very attractive sight for your front lawn. Once you have painted, fill the pit with sand and put in the toys for your kids to have the complete sandbox experience.

Sand Box made with recyled tyres

Recycled Tire Sand Box

Coffee Table/ End Table; this can be slightly a slightly risky idea that might just backfire if the theme of your room does not support a few rugged tires lying around. The idea itself is quite simple. All you need to do is place one or two tires on top of each other and top it off by place a detachable table top on the tires. For a better finish, properly clean and polish the tires so that they give the ‘table’ a clean look.

Coffee Table made with recyled tyres

Recycled Tire Coffee Table

With these simple ideas, you can not only find a productive use for old tires but also rejuvenate your interior decorations and all that for very minimal costs as well.

Written by Sheri


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