How to make yourself Cry Easily & Instantly for Acting

crying while performing

Tears can convey a message and tell your emotions to others which usually words can’t. Crying without any reason is pretty difficult as laughing without a reason is. However art of making yourself cry at any moment which looks real is a requirement in an acting profession, where one has to perform in Films, Theaters and dramas over some tragic and sad scenes which looks fake without real tears.

10 Tips to Make Yourself Cry:

1. You can make yourself cry by recalling some sad moments or a bad time you had in your life. Everyone have some sad moments in life and at whatever time you think about, it hurts you which will make you cry like missing someone who is not with you anymore.

2. Thinking of some throbbing moments which you’ve watched in a sad movie.

3. Take two onions and slice them, smelling the whiff of onions can make you cry within no time. However, you need to wash your hands and face properly with a soap to get rid of onion’s smell.

4. By holding your eyes lids open with your hands, make tears easier to come out of an eye. Don’t blink just keep your eye open for at least two minutes and it will work for you.

5. Yawning twice or thrice with open eyes will help you bringing tears in your eyes.

6. Whenever you harm yourself by plucking your noses trills, eye brow or upper lips with tweezers it makes you tear up. But don’t make yourself bleed for crying else this is not a preferred method as it hurts but yeah it works.

7. You could put some refreshing eye drops or glycerin in your eyes for tears.

8. Gently apply balm near to your eye as the fumes of balm enter in your eyes, tears will come out.

9. Peel an orange, take its cover fold it and press while keeping it near to your eyes within no time tears will start falling off your eyes.

10. While performing think how much efforts you’ve done to reach this level it will make you feel proud of yourself at the same time think that I need to cry or else the whole efforts I made throughout could get effected due to it. It is suggested by some people so we can assume that it might have worked for some of those.

Written by Sheri


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