As the Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us look to our favorite movies for some respite. While the lonely hearts search for the movies to think about a long-lost love, the more fortunate ones look for a movie that would make for a perfect night with their loved ones. Here is a list of our personal favorites and we hope that it helps you in making your decision:

The Vow

movies to watch on valentine's day with boyfriend

Any movie starring Channing Tatum is certainly going to be a hit with the ladies. Plus, this movie is emotional too so you don’t have to worry about your partner feeling too bored. With the right amount of drama and sass, this is a great movie for the V-Day.

Just like heaven

best movies to watch on valentine's day alone

As Mark Ruffalo tries to settle into his new apartment, he discovers that it is actually haunted by a particularly beautiful ghost of a previous owner who, ironically enough, is not dead but just in a comma.

The Notebook

good movie to watch on valentine's day

The classic movie for star-crossed lovers, this cult classic follows the story of a long romance between two of the most iconic characters of the 90s. Watch this movie to take a trip down the memory lane and rekindle the heat.

The lucky one

movies to watch on valentine's day with girl friend

Zach Efron is the lead in the movie and that in itself is enough to make the ladies swoon. However, you don’t want too much swooning and luckily, this movie has a good storyline too.

Inventing the Abbots

movies to watch on valentine's day with friends

A story of two teenagers who want to live together, this movie recounts the hardship of a love that is far from ordinary.

Love, Actually

good movie to watch on valentine's day

With so much to get your head around, this movie is guaranteed to keep you confused about all the relationships going on. Luckily, the comedy offers respite and it is a good movie for a relaxing night at home.

Notting Hill

good movie to watch on valentine's day

This is a story of how an extraordinary woman falls for a simple man. Choose this movie to show your girlfriend how grateful you are for having her in your life.

13 going on 30

movies to watch at valentine's day

A story about a teenager wanting to get old before time, the movie captures the right mix of romance and intelligence, and offers many important lessons.

A walk in the clouds

movies to watch at valentine's day

The story is powerful and incites some great emotions in the viewer. While a little too complicated if you are not in the mood for a serious movie, it is a good one for the nights when you want some perspective on your romantic lives.

10 Things I hate about you

movies to watch on valentine's day with friends

Primarily a teenage comedy, the movie shows the struggles of a high-school student as he sets out on a quest to date the girl of his dreams. Hilarity ensues as expected. A great movie if you are looking for a good laugh and nothing too complicated.


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