writing inquiry letter tips

Letter of inquiry is known to be a request for information by the reader. The objective of the letter is to get the reader respond in such a manner that it shall satisfy the inquiry done by the writer.

The scope must contain enough information to help the reader find out how best to respond to the inquiry letter. The action taken benefits either the reader or the writer and in some cases both of them.

Follow the instructions below to get professional guidance for writing an inquiry letter.

– Identify your reader prior to writing an inquiry letter, you need to be sure about the person whom you are going to address in your inquiry letter. Include the person’s name in the heading, salutation and over the top line of envelop of your inquiry letter.

– Do not forget to mention the title of the person whom you are addressing in your letter. This usually appears in the heading of the letter.

– Establish your objective by stating it in simple yet direct words. This is the section, where reader is either asked to provide something beneficial to the writer or is being offer by something by the writer.

– Determine your scope; if you are asking more than a question, then it’s suggested to bring it in a bulleted list and highlight each question of yours.

– While writing an inquiry letter, think about your reader. Can they do what you’re asking for? And do they have what you need?

– Consider what your reader needs to know before replying to your inquiry letter.

– Organize your letter in a logical order to present your information. Although you already have started this task by creating an objective and determining your scope. Consider creating a list of relevant points and place them in sequential order that will help your reader comprehend your inquiry.

– The list you have created will become will become a checklist for the reader too while replying back to your inquiry letter.

– In the end of the letter usually the writer reiterates request for help along with the timeline in which they would like the help to be offered.

– Close your letter by using words such as “Sincerely” or “Thank you” along with your signature and name printed over it.

– Make sure to provide your title too, if you are writing the inquiry letter officially.

– Review your inquiry letter; look for the obvious errors first. Check for grammatical mistakes, sentence structures and spelling errors.


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