How to Prevent Hangnails on Hands or Feet

How to Prevent Hangnails

What are Hangnails? Having an excess skin attached to the nails, this is not completely but partially detached from the nails are known as Hangnails. Usually this tiny area of your skin enforces you to pick and scratch causing pain and damage to the nail bed which is in the process. The hangnail appears due to the dried out cuticles i.e. the skin around the top of the nail which becomes dry.

To Prevent Hangnails:

Keep the cuticles well moisturized and hydrated on a daily basis with the help of cuticle oil, cuticle cream, lotion or a hand cream to keep the skin soft.

Instead of picking and scratching the hangnails simply trim them off with the help of a manicure scissors, once done make sure you apply hand cream, lotion or a petroleum jelly to keep it moisturized. In couple of days you will notice that hangnails will disappear.

Use petroleum jelly to give massage into your cuticles. Petroleum jelly helps in forming a protective film over the skin that seals in the moisture, avoiding any future hangnails.

Avoid pick and biting your nails as it damages your nail to the point where hangnails are anticipated. Use the specific products to massage into the cuticle region to avoid hangnails appearance.

If you are having an intense problem of hangnails then it is highly suggested that you should go for medicated cuticle ointment or medicated cuticle cream to this purpose.

Written by Julie Collins


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