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How to make a Christmas Tree from Paper

Making a Christmas tree with paper is not only fun for kids but it’s fun for adults too. Rather than cutting of a tree and to make Christmas tree you can use paper, card board or other recycling material to make an attractive Christmas tree for your Home, Office or even to gift someone.

Things you’ll need to make a Christmas tree from paper will be:


  • Paper
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Cotton reel


Using the pencil make 5 circles of various sizes i.e. 16cm, 13cm, 10cm, 7cm and 4cm. Cut out the circles from the paper sheet. Fold each of these circles in half, 4 times, please refer to the image.

Trim small amount of paper from the top point, which should be enough to allow a pencil to cross through

Open up the paper and then refold in a concertina style

Put the pencil in a cotton reel so that it shall form the structure.

Pile the folded piece of paper circles over the pencil in such a way that the largest one goes to the bottom and smallest at the top to form the shape of a tree.

TIPS: To prevent the layers from slipping down the pencil too far try wrapping small quantity of a sticky tape around the pencil.

Christmas tree made of paper and pencil

Written by Julie Collins


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