What to Do If Your Nail Polish is Dry

How to fix dry nail polish

Your favorite nail polish has dried and now there is no way to repaint? Do not despair! Following few simple tricks can help you make it reusable for your nails. Because they have not been properly either closed or left uncovered for too long, nail polish dries making it impossible to use. Check out the following article to help you in what to do if your nail polish is dry.

acetone nail polish remove in white and red bottle1. One of the best trick to fix a dry nail polish is by simply adding two or three drops of acetone droplets in the nail polish bottle. Perform this step carefully to avoid overdoing resulting in an opposite effect of becoming too liquid enamel. Close the bottle, shake vigorously, test if it works and add a little more acetone if required.

2. If you do not have acetone but you usually use a liquid polish remover to remove the nail polish, it can also help in recovering the initial state of your enamel. Just follow the above procedure and your nail polish is ready to be used again.

Brown Glass Bowl with Boiling Water3. Another good solution is that you place the nail polish bottle in the hot water to liquefy it again. To do this, you only have to heat up a cup of water, introducing tightly closed glaze there and let it sit for a few minutes over the low heat. When you open it, the nail polish will have be in a liquid texture.

4. In addition to these tips for recovering a dry nail polish, often we need to find a solution to help us open a nail polish if the lid is stuck. Here, similarly, you should dip the nail polish bottle in the hot water for a few minutes to soften. Then you can easily open it and start using it to color your nails.

In HownWhat a couple of more useful tips to keep your nail polish in perfect condition and prevent them from becoming dry will help you a lot. Just read the article How to keep nail polishes to make them last longer to discover them.

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