What Jobs Can You Do From Home

What Jobs Can You Do From Home, work from home

Graphics Designing:
If you are creative enough and have skills for graphics designing, you may use your skills at,, to find jobs for yourself. The buyers from all around the world post their requirements on such outsourcing portals where freelancers place bids over these jobs and the winner gets the task.

However, you can also take part in designing competitions at 99 Designs and Crowd Spring, where all the designers submit their designs against a creative brief and the one which gets selected by the buyer gets the winning money.

Photography: if you are confident that your skills of photography are really good, showcase your work to the world through the website or a blog. Over your web property, you can also list your services for photography, which you may wish to offer to the interested ones.

Try to maximize the reach, as a result of this activity a social friend of mine have been contacted by random magazines that have purchased his photographs and at a later stage they hired him as an employee to work from home.

Become a Virtual assistant of busy professionals. Organizing task list, updating personal calendars, replying back emails are mainly the task which one have to perform.

Use your writing skills,many content publishing companies need content on daily basis. If you have good writing skills and an awareness of SEO based content writing, you may log on to outsourcing portals and can earn good money through it.

Become a translator or an interpreter. Many companies all around the world look forward to new sales and language becomes an important factor here. You need to be really professional in order to offer such services and it may require you to have an accredited body’s qualification.

Bodies from where you may need to take certifications:

Institute of Translation and Interpreting
Chartered Institute of Linguists
National Register of Public Service Interpreters

If you are not a UK resident, either you can fly to UK to get certifications or you may need to find out a local body of your country for similar purpose.

Once you are qualified, log on to Lingo 24 and Language 123 and find out jobs for yourself.

Got a Blog;there are many things which you can do to monetize it. The revenue may depend over the niche of your blog as many of the niches does not pay off that well but some do, so it is suggested that you figure out the niches which are really profitable for you. Following things will help you to monetize your blog.

  • To display ads sign up at networks such as Google Adsense, Chitika, Technorati Media for ads display.
  • Apply Ads over images on your blog by signing up at Luminate as a publisher.
  • Integrate Text Links Ads by singing up at Kontera, Info Links and Link worth
  • Display ads in Videos over your blog by singing up for video ads of Google Adsense.
  • Sell your ad slots at Buy Sell Ads
  • Monetize your blog feeds with the help of Google Adsense.

Monetize your social networks by giving out sponsored tweets and sponsored status updates. It could be done by signing up at Buy Sell Ads and Izea

Become a personal tutor; try to get your self enrolled at local tuition providing service centres.

Take part in Online Surveys,many research companies offer around $2 – $15, for taking part in a survey conducted online. You may check out Survey Club, Yellow Surveys

Become part of Market Research;get paid against your opinions at Roots Research, Saros Research

Earn through data entry, you can log on outsourcing job portals, where you can find data entry jobs. The pay back won’t be that high but you get paid based on the number of entries made rather than hourly basis. The more effort you do the more higher you can earn.

Cake / Biscuits baking, if you are good in making cakes or biscuits you can sell it through your social network using Facebook, Flickr and Youtube or even try hiring a local reseller for your products.

Get a Paying Guest, got a extra room in house, you may advertise in the local newspaper as well as online over the local classified sites and you may get a paying guest for it. The rates vary based on many factors such as what facilities are available and the location.

Become a baby sitter or a pet care taker, usually people while going to offices leave their children’s/pets to the caretakers they have hired and pay them on a weekly or monthly basis for taking care for their loved ones.

Hope the list of jobs provided above will guide you well through what types of jobs you can do from home.

Written by Julie Collins


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