Types of Glassware used in Bar for Cocktails

Although there are many types of glasses in different designs but here we’ve listed the types of glasses commonly being used for the alcoholic cocktails and are widely available in the market for purchase. The glasses in particular doesn’t play any role in the recipe but are associated with the types of the drinks and are used to enhance the presentation of the cocktails.

Beer MugBeer mug
Typical beer mug has thick walls with a large handle and is comparatively heavy in weight. To serve chilled beer it is suggested to store them in a freezer and just before you need to serve use them.
Size: 10 oz to 22 oz

Brandy Snifters GlassBrandy snifter
Brandy or cognac is being served in this glass; the short stem of the glass allows you to hold it with your middle and the ring fingers.
Size: 5 oz to 25 oz

Champagne flute GlassChampagne Flute
Shape of this glass helps preserving the carbonation of champagne to shows off the bubbles of it. Slimness and tallness of this glass with champagne in it makes it standout. It’s highly recommended to chill the glass before use.
Size: 6 oz to 10 oz

Cocktail Martini GlassCocktail / Martini glass
These are the most commonly used cocktail glasses used to serve drinks without ice such as martini, gimlets also known as martini glass.
Size: 10 oz to 16 oz

Irish coffee Mug or Toddy GlassCoffee mug
This is a glass which is specifically used to serve specialty tea or coffees. This glass is heat resistant.
Size: 8 oz to 10 oz

Collins glassCollins glass
You can find the shape of collins glass similar to the highball glass the only difference is that collins glass is a bit taller. It’s used for gin, soft drinks, tropical or alcoholic juices.
Size: 14 oz.

Cordial glassCordial glass
These stemmed small size glasses are mostly used to serve small portion of liquors after the meals.
Size: 2 oz.

Highball GlassHighball glass
Can be very commonly seen in the bar and clubs used to serve vodka with soda or rum with coke.
Size: 8 oz to 12 oz

Hurricane or Tulip GlassHurricane glass
It’s a lamp shaped glass commonly used to serve exotic and tropical mixed drinks.
Size: 15 oz to 23 1/2 oz

Margarita or Coupette glassMargarita / Coupette glass
Saucer shaped top with a small v and stem below is a glass used to serve Margaritas and Daiquiris.
Size: 7 oz to 12 oz

Old Fashioned GlassOld-fashioned glass
Specifically known as on the rocks glass mostly used to rum or whiskey with ice and no mixture.
Size: 5 oz to 6 oz

Parfait glassParfait glass
This rounded bowl glass is mostly used to serve drinks containing ice cream and fruits.
Size: 12 oz.

Pousse cafe glassPousse cafe glass
It’s shaped such a way that layering of the drinks becomes pretty easy and is commonly used to serve layered desert drinks in cafes.
Size: 6 oz.

Punch bowlPunch bowl
A large sized bowl used for making fruit punches or cocktails in larger quantity.
Size: 1-5 gal.

Red Wine GlassRed wine glass
Thin stemmed glass having inward round bowl tapering at its rim used to serve red wine specifically.
Size: 8 oz.

Sherry glassSherry glass
Particularly used for serving aromatic alcoholic drinks such as ports, aperitifs, layered shooters and sherry.
Size: 2 oz.

Shot GlassShot glass
Thick and small sized glasses mostly used for serving flambées as these glasses are heat resistant and enjoyed in a gulp.
Size: 1 oz to 4 oz

Whiskey sour glassWhiskey sour glass
Stemmed smaller compared to champagne flute, wide opened glass.
Typical Size: 5 oz.

White Wine GlassWhite wine glass
Particularly used for serving white wine, thin stemmed glass.
Typical Size: 12.5 oz.

Written by Julie Collins


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