How to Take Care of Toenails

How to Take Care of Toenails

The toenails deserve the same attention and care as of the fingernails does. The aesthetics are equally important in all parts of our body. To showoff, some pretty feet you need to protect and care for the skin, for which time is required to improve the appearance and beauty of your nails. Follow the advice we give you on how to care for toenails below.

Making the toenails look healthy and impeccable is possible if you follow a specific routine care. The first step is to perform a thorough cleaning of nails. Feet have direct contact with the soil therefore; nails accumulate dispensable dirt, which needs to be eliminated every day. When you wash your feet, let them soak for a few minutes in soap and water this will help in removing the dirt.

Perform a good pedicure to get a beautiful look for your feet. Ideally, do pedicures on a regular basis, as this will give a visible difference between a good and bad foot.

To get a pedicure at home, you just need the right tools and perform the following steps at the toenails:

  • Soak your feet in warm water to soften nails.
  • Exfoliate your feet to remove dead skin cells.
  • Pay attention to cut nails. The cut should be straight and the corners should not be too short, so avoid that grow into the skin and ingrown toenails. Ideally, use nail clippers instead of scissors.
  • Once the nails are cut well, file nails into a square shape without leaving any peaks. Try not to file too much or else toenails could potentially break.
  • The next step is the withdrawal of cuticles. Use a stick to stir and gently push back cuticles. The cuticles protect nails and prevent infection so it is best not to cut them.
  • Finally, apply a little moisturizer on the area to soften cuticles.

It is best to apply a protective base on toenails, once all the above steps are completed. Even if you find that your nails are weak and brittle, its better for you to opt for an invigorating treatment to help them regain their natural state faster.

When toenails are nice and perfect with such care, it will be time to give them color and decorate them with spectacular designs. We recommend that you apply as much enamel on the front edge of the nail and less on the tip to prevent chipping. It also leaves your nails unpainted at least once a week to breathe and stay healthy at all times.

The toenails can also be affected by the occurrence of fungi, known as onychomycosis disorder. When a yeast infection occurs, the nail becomes yellowish, thicker, and bigger. To prevent it is advisable to maintain good foot hygiene, wear comfortable shoes, wear suitable footwear in communal showers, keep nails short and disinfect pedicure tools before using them.

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