Sample Christmas Solicitation Letter to Suppliers

Solicitation letters are commonplace today, given the fact that firms are ever-expanding and eager to help each other out and build better relations in order to create potential synergies. In the article, we will be looking at some of the solicitation letters that are sent out for Christmas and what makes some of such letters a success while others a failure.

Most solicitation letters are compact and to-the-point. This is because such letters are mostly used in a business context and nobody wants to come across as too needy or desperate for cash. However, sometimes the solicitation letters may be detailed in case there has been a strong bond between two firms or individuals. A solicitation letter generally has respectful, somber tone although you may digress from the set standard slightly if it suits the context of the letter or the relationship between the firms. In case you are unsure regarding the tone, do the simple thing and maintain a somber tone.

As for the body of the letter, begin by salutations and stating the purpose of the letter. Do not use too big a vocabulary as you may come as too pompous or stiff. State the purpose as clearly as possible so to avoid any future confusion. Explain the reason behind your request and while doing so, adopt a certain degree of humility, as you clearly need the money. Sign off the letter with a decent salutation. Here is a sample of the solicitation that I would like to write.

“Dear Sir,

As you may know, we are organizing an office party this coming Christmas to celebrate the occasion as well as your promotion. You may probably know that it is one of the prime office gatherings and it is important for us to make it as enjoyable as possible. Unfortunately, this time, our firm is a little short on funds and we were hoping to get financial assistance from you on this regard.

May God bless you and your Company. I hope you will respond in a timely manner.”

Please note that while such a letter is high on friendliness and respect, most reputation letters are either ignored or never texted. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to badger people until the give up, hence; give your 100% every day.

Solicitation is definitely not an easy job, especially since it involves cold-calls and success largely depends on your social skills and how you present your idea. A write-up is necessary to get in the right frame of mind and then one can realize what can be done.

Solicitation letters are a good way to seek additional resources as they require lesser effort and while a solicitation letter needs to be well structured and accurate, it should also appear friendly and accepting. After all, no one wants to be screamed at.

Another Sample Christmas Solicitation Letter to Suppliers probably you can use.

the Address
State, City, Zip Code
Contact Number.

Date: 10 November, 2015

Mr. /Mrs. ABC
the Address
State, City, Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Mrs. ABC,

I am writing to you today in regards to the Christmas supplies solicitations, as you are also aware that the event of Christmas is coming soon, therefore we have decided to celebrate it this joyous occasion on 22 December, 2011.

However, being as our major supplier for XYZ product, we would like to request for a solicitation in cash to enlighten our Christmas Party.

We look forward to your positive response and would like to request you to forward your solicitations to our accounting office at [Address].

Best Regards,



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