How to Write a Letter of Resignation

how to write a resignation letter

If you are intending to leave your existing job gracefully without burning the professional bridges, then it could be achieved by writing a smooth resignation letter. In order to write such a resignation letter you need to use a proper format of business letter, in which you need to make sure that it’s short, written positively and with a polite tone.

However, even if you are angry don’t write the resignation letter aggressively as you may need the employer’s reference in the future. The following steps will guide you to the process of writing an effective resignation letter.

1. Do you really want to leave this job? Ask this question from your own because once it’s submitted cannot be taken back.

2. Prior to making a decision of resigning from your job, you should perhaps discuss your dissatisfaction or the opportunity which you got with your current employer.

3. Use a computer or a typewriter to write your resignation letter as handwritten letters are not considered to be professional at all.

4. Keep your resignation letter on a business format i.e. start with your name, address, date and employer’s name and their address on the top.

5. Address your letter to your immediate supervisor.

6. State the date of tendering your resignation along with its effectiveness date.

7. Don’t forget to thank your employer within your resignation for the opportunity which he has provided to you as well as remember that it would not be in your best interest to make any sort of claims against your employer.

8. Avoid mentioning the things such as reason for leaving the job, where you are joining in the future, what would be your remuneration there.

9. Showing your willingness to help with the transition your resignation will cause would be highly in your favor.

10. Close your resignation letter by mentioning “Sincerely” and do not forget to sign it with your name at the bottom of the letter.

11. If your company has a human resource department, make sure to address them also within your resignation letter.

Note: Your supervisor may wish to talk to you personally over the decision you’ve made so it is suggested that you shall remain polite during the conversation and try to leave the organization on friendly terms.

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