How to Write a Letter of Rejection

sample job refusal rejection letter

Letter of rejection often known as job or employment refusal letter is written to inform the candidates that they have not been selected for the position. After conducting an interview and telling candidates that they have been rejected for the position they were interviewed is stressful for some people. However, you can always find something good or neutral to say about them through sending them the rejection letter.

Following instructions will guide you through the proper way of writing a rejection letter.

1. Make sure you use a formal letterhead while sending a rejection letter to the candidate and address the candidates by their name.

2. Thank candidates for the time they spare to give an interview, effort and the interest they have shown in your firm.

3. Write some encouraging sentences about the candidate’s experience or qualification.

4. Mention the reason due to which you didn’t hire the candidate i.e. because you find an other resource with better experience or qualifications. Don’t include anything personal.

5. You can mention your company’s procedure such as your firm keeps resume of the candidates in the database and if there are job opening matching their profiles, the candidates receive notification about that.

6. Close the letter body by wishing them future success in their career development.

7. End the letter formally by writing words such as sincerely, best wishes or regards etc.

8. Don’t forget to sign the letter including your title along with it.

9. Make sure the letter should be too long.

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