How to Write a Christmas Letter to Family and Friends

Thinking of writing a Christmas letter to family members or friends? Well for writing a Christmas letter there are no definite rules. However the following pointers will guide you through to draft a lively letter which the receiver will definitely enjoy while reading.

Don’t make the reader of the letter think that by whom it has been written. Use a writing pattern that shall be associated with your personality.

Be sure to make the letter personalized for the reader.

Put in some awesome ideas of celebrating ideas for the Christmas.

Bring light to couple of moments of the Year and express your feelings about those specific events within your letter.

Make sure the Christmas letter you are writing is not about You its about the person whom you are writing so focus over the recipients

Don’t forget to state your heartfelt Christmas Wishes at the end of your Christmas letter.

Tips for Making your Christmas Letter Creative:

Try using a colored paper to print your letter on as it will make your letter look nice. It would be great if you can insert in some Christmas related image such as a snow flake, snow man etc.


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