After buying a new cell phone probably the first thing you may need to do is, transferring the contacts to a new phone. There are several ways for transferring the contact from one phone to another which includes the following for the most common type of phones available in the market.


This one is the most simple way of transferring the contacts. Go to the phone book of your old phone and move or copy all the contacts from the phone memory to the sim card memory. Now remove the sim card from your old phone and insert into the new one. Transfer all the contacts from your sim card to the new phone’s memory.


Check for Bluetooth in both of your cell phone, activate it. Go to the phone of your old phone and select all the phones contacts to transfer via Bluetooth to the new phone.


There are several free tools online available, which will not only help you transferring your contacts from old phone to a new one but also transfer your calendars notes along with taking a backup for you of your contacts on Gmail. The most popular service is


Visit or call your wireless service provider as they would be able to make a quick transfer of your contacts from your old phone to the new one. Make sure this service is not provided by all of the wireless service providers.


CellStik is a device which comes with additional jacks to make it work with a fair number of phones. Just connect the device with your phone and click the button after with it will take couple of seconds to transfer all your contacts in the device. Once the contacts are transferred you can either copy them to your new phone or can also copy them to your computer for keeping a backup.