Feeling down, frustrated, depressed, angry or anything of the same sort and nothing seems to work out to make you happy. My suggestion would be check out as many of the following things as you can as each of these accomplishments will help in lifting your mood, making you happy when you’€™re sad but this doesn’€™t have to be your long-term goal.

Before that I start writing the steps for how to make yourself happy it is necessary for you to understand that things can’€™t actually make you happy but rather it’€™s just a perception. The thing which makes you happy is the value you give to those things. Happiness doesn’€™t comes through the external things.

Now when you know this here are some steps for you to make yourself happy when you’€™re sad.

  1. Be grateful for that what you have at the moment and try to recall that time when you were struggling to achieve this. It includes your relationships, friends, your career the success you achieved so far. When you’€™ll focus on good things in your life it will make you feel happier.
  2. Rather than running behind your goals and upon achieving them become happy when not ‘ be happy while pursuing your goals.
  3. Force yourself to laugh and soon you’€™ll gona find a good reason to laugh about.
  4. Try to recall the happiest moment of your life, it could be when you achieved something, became parent etc.
  5. Reach out to your friend as it will divert your concentration and will help in lifting your mood.
  6. Go to the beach and have a walk on sea shore.
  7. Try taking a nap or get a massage.
  8. If it’€™s raining, try watching it or have a walk in rain.
  9. Have your favorite food
  10. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks as you may get habitual to it.