How to Lose Weight Fast – 10 Easy Tips

lose weight faster 10 tips

You might have come across many articles, providing you guidance on How to lose weight? But here I have listed down ten fastest proven and easy ways for losing weight. So here’s how you can make your dreams come true for looking slim and smart:

1. Drink as much water as you can
Do you know that you can lose up to 62 calories by drinking cold water? Though it is suggested to drink water between meals or before it, so that the food you had could digest properly. Use water as a substitute for juices as it helps your kidneys to easily flush out the waste. Adequate quantity of water intake helps your body to metabolize fats more effectively. It also brings shine to your skin.

2. Must take 3 healthy meals a day
Take three meals a day, which shall contain essential nutrients and food groups, that you need everyday. Make sure you shall take the breakfast, which is often forgotten by most of the people.

3. Use high fiber breakfast cereal
High fiber cereals in breakfast helps to fill you up for a long time as well it cleans out our digestive system too.

4. Take a leisurely walk after your lunch hour
It’s been observed that taking a walk exactly after your keeps your metabolism going and you won’t feel tired in afternoon as well.

5. Try having your meals at home
It is really difficult to find a restaurant that serves a healthy organic food. Else eating at home helps you to save money and you can make your portions as small as you like.

6. Use more Fruits and Vegetables
Try using more fruits and vegetables over meat in your meals such as add strawberries to your breakfast. If feeling like having snacks, instead take an apple.

7. Do exercise
Exercise is one of a fundamental to weight loss. Sitting whole day on a couch and taking sips of water can’t really help you in meeting your goal. Try to join a gym and use weights for exercise that will not only increase the rate of your metabolism but also build up muscles. Adopting this activity will allow you to see the fats going off and instead muscles will develop.

8. Get active!
Rather than taking your car out for a wash try washing it yourself, it will not only save you money but also burns calories.

9. Try reducing stress
Build up your strategies for reducing your stress such as listen to music, looking at your images or a walk at beach etc.

10. Make sure you sleep well
According to the experts advice you should sleep at least seven to eight hours a day. As it helps to lower cortical levels, helping your body to burn the unwanted belly fats.

Make a food journal for yourself will help you to remember what things you are suppose to avoid and what things you are suppose to eat. A study has shown that, people who write and maintain their food dairy do manage to lose weight comparatively faster than those who don’t do this. Maybe it is because it makes them more accountable.

Written by Sheri


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