How to Get Rid Of Red Eyes Fast

Bloodshot red eyes could be developed due to several reasons such as heavy drinking, stress, fluid retention or maybe sleepless and restless nights. However, sometimes allergies, increased blood flow through your eyes or even change in your hormones can also bring reddishness and puffiness to your eyes. It has been observed that the reddishness eventually disappears itself but if you wish to get rid of it quickly then probably below given home remedies and tips can you help in this regard.

Cucumber slices on red puffy eyes

Cucumbers contain an anti-irritation ingredient in it which helps in deflating the skin around your eyes to reduce the swelling and provides moisturizer too, resulting removal of reddishness and puffiness from your eyes.

Take two slices of cucumber, shouldn’t be thicker than half inch and pour them into the icy water for about 10 minutes. Give your face a splash of cold water and place the cucumber slices onto your eyes for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure during this process you shall not lie down rather sit at a comfortable chair.

Tea Bags on Red puffy eyes

Tea Bags, as tea contains caffeine and tannic acid in it. Caffeine shrinks the blood vessels that helps to reduce the swelling and gives relief from red puffy eyes caused due to the irritate blood vessels or an increased blood flow. However, tannic acid acts as an astringent and temporarily helps tighten the skin around the eyes.
Take 2 tea bags and pour them into a bowl containing cold water for couple of seconds or slightly moisten the tea bags. Place them into a refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once the tea bags are chilled place them on closed eyes for about 10 minutes.

Girl Drinking Water to get rid of red puffy eyes

Drink plenty of Water as dehydration leeches away water from your eyes which also causes the reddishness and swelling.

Apply ice cube on Red Puffy Eyes

Apply Ice by wrapping up a clean ice cubes in a cloth for about 5 minutes and it will help in releasing the stretched skin around your eyes resulting in reduction of puffiness and bloodshot.

Eye drops for red puffy eyes

Eye Drops, if you are suffering with this condition since a while or mostly find yourself having it again and again it is suggested to consult a specialist who will prescribe you appropriate eye drops.

However, carrying eye drops along is a great and quick solution for it. Lubricant and decongestant works well for the red eyes whereas for red and itchy or pink eye an antibiotic antihistamine eye drops are recommended for most of the cases.

Tilt your head backwards and pull your lower eye lid gently forming a pocket. Now squeeze the eye drops bottle gently which will allow a drop to fall down into the pocket formed. Make sure the eye drops bottle does not contact with your eye. Try keeping your eyes closed for about a minute or two.

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How to Avoid your Eyes from Getting Red and Puffy:

  1. Try to limit direct exposure to the screens such as Laptop, TV etc. for long span of time
  2. Avoid Smoking
  3. Avoid Excessive Drinking
  4. Sleep well during nights.
  5. Try wearing UV glasses during outdoor stay in the day time.


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