buy ghana gold bar coins

Ghana is a major producer and exporter of gold bullions, gold coins and gold bars, from the year 1989 to 2009 Ghana has produced over 850,000 ounces of gold, valued over $367 million. Purchases and export of gold in Ghana are handled by Precious Mineral Marketing Corporation (PMMC). Mostly gold from Ghana is shipped in the form of bar.

Things you need to look into before buying the gold from Ghana.

Contact a licensed Gold seller in Ghana and confirm it with PMMC to check whether the transaction is legitimate.

Get the Gold Export Agreement form from PMMC, which is required to be filled by both the supplier and the overseas buyer. Return the form to PMMC for an approval.

Make sure the supplier delivers the shipment of Gold on time, which shall reach PMMC, located in Accra for the assessment on the day it’s suppose to be exported. Make sure if it is unsmelted gold then the shipment shall arrive to PMMC at least a day before.

After the assessment, gold is packed into the special wooden or metal boxes by the PMMC officials in the presence of Ghana custom officials. Once packed, PMMC transport the secured gold to Kotoka International Airport for the delivery of the courier through the airlines.

You can receive your gold at the specified location. The documents accompanying the exported gold from Ghana do also include an Invoice by PMMC, Ghana Custom Export and the Bank of Ghana documents.
Also do not forget to find most importantly the document containing the gold purity, quantity and its value both in US Dollars and Ghanaian Cedi and the airway bill.

It is being advised that you should not pay cash to the supplier; rather through a bank transfer to PMMC’s account with Bank of Ghana this will help you keeping safe from the frauds.


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