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Displaying testimonials and customer reviews along with some description of your services or products definitely helps in boosting up your website’s credibility.

Make your webpage interesting by putting attractive testimonials, which could be done by using Adobe Dreamweaver. The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a testimonial on a web page.

In Dreamweaver, click “File + Open” or Ctrl + O, to open the desired HTML page, where you wish to display the testimonials.

Go to the place on the page, where you wish to display the testimonials and Press “Enter” twice, so that it shall create some space for the testimonials.

Click on the option “Text”, which could be found at the top in the program menu.

Click “Style” in the drop down list and choose an Italic option for testimonials.

Before beginning the testimonial provided by the client don’t forget to type a quotation mark.

Make sure the testimonial is exactly the same words as provided by the client without any editing or else you may lose credibility.

Don’t forget to close the testimonial statement with quotation marks.

To turn off the Italic fonts option, click on “Text”, “Style” and “Italic” or Ctrl + I.

To provide the testimonial source press hyphen key “-“, twice, and insert the name of your client.

In order to insert more testimonials, repeat the process again.


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