9 Clever Tips for Keeping Food Fresh Longer Naturally

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If you live in an equatorial country, you know how difficult it is to keep your food fresh even for a short period of time. Luckily, there are quite a few cost-efficient remedies for this problem. Most of the tips listed below will be for particular food items, however.

1. Ice-water; if your green vegetables lose their crunchiness, despair no more for we have the perfect solution. Simply soak the veggies in ice water which will in turn hydrate the water starved plant, thus returning to it the original freshness which is the trademark of green vegetables.

2. Canning jars; this Is an all-encompassing tip and is useful for all food types. Canning jars are air-tight and waterproof this being ideal protectors of food. Also, they are see through so you know exactly how much of that yummy cookie dough still remains.

3. Be intelligent with the fridge; your refrigerator is not just a mere stowaway cupboard in which you could throw all your leftovers haphazardly. Every shelf and drawer has its own particular reason of existence. Store things like milk and cheese on the top shelf while bottom shelf should be reserved for items like raw meat as it is the coldest part of the fridge. Store your vegetables in the veggie drawer as it is especially designed to control humidity so that your water-loving vegetables maintain their humidity.

4. Fish; it is one of the food items which can get spoiled really easily and that is not something you want. Just imagine the odor! Keeping fish is quite simple actually. Simply freeze it or better yet, broil it and keep in the fridge but still eat it as soon as possible.

5. Apple and Bananas; apples are really the rotten fish that spoil the entire pond. Jokes apart, they release a certain gas that ruins other food items so keep them away from all other food items. As for bananas, cover their stem with a foil. Bananas ripen themselves and the gas that does it is released from the stem, so if you cover the stem, you slow the ripening process.

6. Bread; don’t put it in the fridge – it will actually spoil faster in cold storage.

7. Cheese and Milk; Store milk in the central part of fridge where it continues to get slight warmth every time the fridge door is opened. Cover cheese with wax paper so that it is protected from the odors in the fridge.

8. Flour; freeze flour to kill any insects or insect eggs. Just like all prescription medicines, store flour away from sunlight in a cool, dry spot.

9. Fresh berries; wash all fresh berries with diluted vinegar as it is a natural disinfectant and helps to keep from molding.

These were just a few general tips that are most commonly used. There are thousands of other ways in which to keep every specific type of food fresh. Just remember that wastage is a sin, so if you are not going to eat something, donate it. Also, try to plan your meals in such a way that the food items get consumed before they spoil.

Written by Sheri


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