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Christmas Letter to Sister

Christmas Letter to Sister



Dear (Your Sister Name),

Once again Christmas has arrived with its blessings to make the year memorable for us. I received the Christmas gift you sent me; it’s lovely and would like to thank you for it. I am so glad that you remembered me over this Christmas too and don’t worry about your gift as it is on its way to your door step.

I really miss the childhood days when we all use to be together, celebrating Christmas use to be quiet fun. To recall the old days we have planned a tree trimming ceremony on Christmas, where some of the family friends will also be joining us with their families along so I hope to see you along with the Michael and Kate on the family gathering at the Christmas day.

I am the most fortunate person on the earth for having the most special sister in the world. Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday.

Yours loving brother,

(Your name)

Written by Julie Collins


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