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Christmas Letter to Boss

Sample Christmas Letter to Boss Template

Looking for some tips on How To Write A Christmas Letter To Boss?

We have always been there; staying back late, doing odd errands, laugh incessantly at the most pointless joke on this planet – all to please the big man in the big office, the boss! However, there are certain more subtle, effective and definitely classier ways to grab the attention of your boss. One such way is to write a Christmas letter to them. Not too many employees do it, most are just too glad to get away from work, others are too engrossed in themselves to think about it. So this is your chance to stand out and make a proper difference to your career.

Begin your letter by an appropriate salutation, don’t try to be too informal, unless you are on good terms with the boss. Write in a professional manner but without pomp, or the boss would see right through it. Be careful and maintain a balance between the two tones. In the body of the letter, write you usual generic greetings. Then, move on to write what you truly appreciate about him/her, and attribute this particular fact to the idea of especially writing a Christmas letter. Make sure that you include this part, and don’t over-do it, or you may come off as too needy or even worse, a doormat. Sign off with best wishes.

Remember, keeping a balance in such a letter is very important. It shouldn’t be so short that it appears to be hastily or unwillingly written, but it shouldn’t be too long either or the boss might fall asleep. Thank your leader but also maintain professional courtesy without lying down in front of the boss. As long as the letter is short, courteous and exudes the aura of being carefully written, it will be remembered.

Sample of a Christmas Letter to Boss

Dear Mr. Ford,

I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas. May this holiday bring you the best of health, wealth and fortune. May you continue to prosper and lead us in the same way as you currently are. I really appreciate how you continue to interact with all us associates on a daily basis. It is not only a great learning experience, but you are also a great source of motivation to many of us. We all try to emulate your style but we just cannot pull it off. I still remember how you advised me about the first contract I signed, and ever since then, it has served as an important life-lesson for me.

It was all these factors that led me to write a letter to you on Christmas. I believe that you deserve such a letter from every employee in this firm. I pray that you continue to guide is in the same gracious manner, and may you lead a healthy, graceful rest of your life.

Wish you a very merry Christmas.


Sample of Merry Christmas Letter to Employer

Dear Boss,

This is to wish you and your family with warm wishes of Christmas. During this year company faced several problems and managed to overcome those which were not possible without your help and dedication.

Christmas is said to be a time of sharing love due to the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, I would like to thank you for your support due to which I was able to share in the success of the company. From time to time you’re helping hand does not only supported me but all the employees in the company. The company is in good hands we’re sure about it and we all wish that it may successfully achieve its goal in the upcoming years too.

I wish you may be successful in all you endeavor and may you and your family be blessed for all the kindness.


(Your Name)

Merry Christmas!

Written by Julie Collins


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